Gather ‚round, ye merry folk, and hear the tale of the brave Chevalier Aramis du Lac, Whose deeds of valor and heroism shall forever be remembered in the land of Toussaint.

‚Twas the Duchess Anna Henrietta who sent him on a quest, Seven times seven heroic deeds, he was put to the test. He rode out with his loyal men from Avallach, To prove his worth and win the fair lady’s match.

The first task was a daunting one indeed, For Aramis was sent to the far north, to fight the witch’s creed. In a dark and dreary forest, they made their stand, With mind games and dark magic, they had the upper hand.

But Aramis was not one to be deterred, He believed in the Lady of the Lake, and in her power he deferred. With sword and shield, he charged into the fray, And his men followed him, without a word to say.

The witch and her cult fought hard and fierce, But Aramis and his men fought back with equal force and pierce. The battle raged on, through the night and into the day, And it seemed like victory was far, far away.

But then, Aramis remembered the words of the Lady, And with renewed strength and courage, he fought on, brave and steady. He struck the witch down with a mighty blow, And her cult fled, defeated, with nowhere else to go.

The people of Toussaint rejoiced at Aramis‘ feat, For he had saved them from the witch’s deceit. And the Duchess Anna Henrietta was pleased indeed, For Aramis had proven himself to be a true knight, indeed.

So, raise your cups and sing praises to Aramis du Lac, Whose bravery and valor shall forever be remembered in the land of Toussaint.

– „The Bard’s story makes no claim to accurately reflect the events in the kingdom of Aedrin“

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